St. Louis – South

Report of July 25, 2022 – Dick Kobylski

  • South: 7 Districts (36 Councils) in St. Louis City & County N & S

Every District Deputy and Council Grand Knight is focusing on planning events and programs to get Council members actively inviting Catholic families to join the Knights . 

Diocesan Growth Coordinators are to be working with DDs who are working with District Councils to achieve Supreme assigned membership intake goals:

  • DDs are scheduling Delta Church drive or some other recruitment event every month supported by:
  • a monthly exemplification going forward so there is always a place for councils to take newly members recruited or Online Members who have joined the order
  • Councils are to utilize On Demand exemplification if new recruited members or OMs cannot make the next scheduled exemplification.
  • No recruited or OM member should wait longer than 2 – 3 weeks to join a Councils as a 3rd Degreed Brother Night.